The form of Hollow Creature investigates new scenic contexts for image and text, using means of expression across the art forms. Productions are guided by the overall concept regarding choice of theme, form and process.

All performances are a result of artistic co-operation, with artists representing different art forms, who through their contribution give the work its complexity.

Hollow Creature was established in Oslo in 1998 by Kirsti Ladegård and Gerd Zöe Christiansen. Hollow Creature is presently working on the triology "In Memoriam to Identety" based on texts by the american poet Kathy Acker.

Hollow Creature is run with the support of the Norwegian Theatre Council.

Short presentation of people working with HOLLOW CREATURE 2001

GERD ZÖE CHRISTIANSEN: Directing and scenography
Founder of HOLLOW CREATURE productions. Has worked as a scenographer, actor and director since 1980. As the artistic director of the project "Inside the Image" she has been responsible for a long sequence of stage productions which have toured festivals in Scandinavia and Europe.

KIRSTI LADEGÅRD: puppeteer and puppetmaker
Educated in Rikstheatre's 3 year puppetperformance school 1987-90. Founding member of "Teater Figur" 1990-97. Started HOLLOW CREATURE together with Gerd Christiansen in 1997. Member of the Norwegian union of actors since 1988.

Educated at Nordisk Teater Skole in Århus i 1993.
Has worked ad an actor in performances with Cantabile Duo, Teatret DanceLab and BAL Teatret which he was a co-founder of in 1995. He was a founder of WERK productions, Oslo.in 1998.
Fredrik work as an actor in Persona and The Tiger Garden.

Stuart Lynch is a choreographer, performer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. He is artistic director of " The 24 Hour Performance Project" and the music/dance consept " Ferrari Crash". He has toured in Europe Asia and Australia with "De Quincey/Lynch" and his own "Paradance", a solowork based on collaboration with musicians, writers and sculptures. Stuart Lynch performes in The Tiger Garden with Hollow Creature.

Trained in England at London Academy of music and Dramatic Art. Actor in «Grusomhetens Teater», ex. «The way to heaven» «Woyczeck» and «The wise ones stone».
Work as an actor in Great Expectation and The Tiger Garden.

KATE PENDRY: Performer
Kate Pendry is an actress/performance artist, playwright and visual artist Recent work includes 'Dead Diana' and "The Dead Celebrity Diaries" performance and Internet projects. Within the electronic art field she has exhibited at Kunstnernes hus (Eon 97, Detox 99), the Melbourne Biennale 99; 'Electra 96' at Henie-Onstad, the 5th International Biennale in Istanbul, DEAF-Rotterdam; Awarded an honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica '96 for "sense:less" Web: http://www.DeadDiana.com
Kate Pendry performs in The Tiger Garden with Hollow Creature.

SAILA HYTTINEN: actor and dancer
Educated at Nordisk Teater Skole in Århus in 1992.
Has since 1994 been working with TIN-BOX in Århus. She has participated in performances with BAL Teatret and is a co-founder of WERK Productions, Oslo.
Saila workes as a dancer and an actor in The Tigergarten.

SVEN ERGA: Sound design and computerprogammer.
Born in 1960. Responsible for sound in many festivals, eg. ULTIMA and The Music Factory. Has made a sound installation for Ringve Museum for Musical History, Stiklestad National Art Centre and Grieg Jubilee. Director of sound in the National Stage in Bergan 1988-89. Employed by the National Theatre since 1998. Sven is doing sound-design for all performances by HOLLOW CREATURE. He has also composed the Music for The Tiger Garden in collaboration with Erik Balke.

ERIK BALKE: musician
Erik is a saxophonist and composer. He has written music for both ballet and film. His music can be placed on the border of new experimental music and jazz. He has toured exstensively in Europe and is a member of the Norwegian performance group BAK-truppen. Eric Balke has written the music for The Tiger Garden in collaboration with Sven Erga.

HC GILJE: video and light-design.
Hans Christian was educated at the art academy of Trondheim. He has produced video design for productions of Kreutser Company, Motherboard, Oslo Nye Teater og Trøndelag Teater. He has toured with his own productions Nervous Vision, "Joystick" and his film project "h.k.mark1", which has been shown at festivals in the USA, Japan, Germany, Island and Norway. Hans Christian has designed the video and light for The Tiger Garden by Hollow Creature". Web page http://www.nervousvision.com/

Artistic leader of Avant Garden Theatre. Trondheim, since 1998. Honours degree in performance studies, University of Bergen. Is connected HOLLOW CREATURE as a dramaturg on all productions.